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I haven't written anything on my blog since July... I'm not really good at this. However i did have a rather interesting conversation with a lady(-ish) named Aoife. Se had a great point when I asked what to write about. Throughout my time in Ireland I wrote about how much i missed Norway. Now I'm back in Norway and I promise you that I miss Ireland as much as I missed Norway. I miss all the stupid things people said and I miss the basement (for people who have no idea what i mean will probably think the Irish are all a bunch of psychopaths (tbh they're not far from it(Anne get back to the sad story about how much you miss the psychopaths..))). I'm back to the story. I keep going to the pictures I had on my phone. Not always a good sight I tell you that. So I'm going post them just because I can. Actually you can  sue me if I don't have your consent but lets not talk about that (Anne you just gave them a reason to steal all your money..(It really doesn't matter, I'm broke anyway (I think I have a thing for brackets(weirdest fetish ever?(OMG ANNE SHTAP!)))).


First Day of school


Second day of school


Aoife , Me and Donna


Gorgeous as always


Cathy, Me and Veronica. Me and Cathy wearing sexy hats

Donna and me everyday


Me and Mr. Roddy.... Jonathan you weirdo





Megan und Donna in music class

Owain and Pierce showing of the exclusive glasses they got for free


Muireann and me proving that people come in different shapes hahah

Ciara and Aoife who I always saw together. I rarely saw one without the other


Me and Veronica doing selfies like the bosses we are.


The last day in Cahersiveen <3

Lets not forget this awesome photo

And of course... all the selfies taken on my phone by others... Its 124 selfies in this picture... God you love yourselves hahah


I miss ye. Psychopaths.



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