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Hello there

From Thursday till Monday I had the honor of housing my beautiful international friends. During these days we went swimming, shopping, trip up to Fløien (a mountain in Bergen) and the Aquarium. Oh , and I turned 18 so I'm officially and adult. Not sure if happy or terrified.
However, we had a family dinner and Veronica and Matthäa got to meet my grandparents and aunt and uncle so now they have a good explanation for my rather special behavior. But Instead of writing all the details, Here are some shitty pictures :



Animals like me, I promise



They?re so cute



Yes we have polar bears as pets in Norway




We are beautiful

Sad coz theyre leaving



Thank you for a great 5 days <3 <3

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Simon 17.07.2014 16:23
Du voksen? Fysisk sett er du voksen ja, men mentalt er en helt annen sak, Jeg vil si ca rundt 5 ich!

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Anne Hansen 19, Bergen
Jaja. Dette er vel meg.

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