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Since every time I ask this bellend to help me come up with ideas to what I should write on the blog he says 'ME!', I have made the decision to do so. Maybe not the way he intended, but its still kind of a tribute to his existence. I might as well start of with this creatures name; Owain. Owain lives off of only peanuts and rabbit food, his brain is underdeveloped and may not strike you as an average 17 year old Irish lad. On the contrary he is quite spectacular. His imagination is beyond belief considering the fact that he thinks motorcross is more fun than football and that animals are friends not food. This lad never fails to amaze me for example when he actually manages to prove the fact that he's a manly man by continuing his soccer game even after he cut up most of his skin. Some call it heroism, I call it stupidity. However, he has become one of my best friends and even though I don't tell him, I don't find him stupid or idiotic all the time. Sometimes I even think He's the coolest lad out there. I figured you might want to see who he is so I figured why not photos:

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Donna :) 06.07.2014 23:18
*Donna loves this post* :)

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Anne Hansen 19, Bergen
Jaja. Dette er vel meg.

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