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This blog was supposed to be a source of updates from my year in Ireland. This mission failed miserably and ended in finding excuses not to write anything. But I figured I'd be better at writing now that I'm home (Although that'll never happen). It'll be just another failed task like all the other things I say I'll do.
Do you ever have these great ideas where you plan it all out and think that this will be the plan that will work out? Well, blogging is the plan for me. I think it'll work out and that I'll write every day, several times a day like I did in the beginning, but to be honest, there's nothing much to blog about.
I don't have a proper summer job, My friends have proper summer jobs so they don't have time to hang out so my summer consists mainly of getting up at half 8 , make myself morning soup (which I will write about another time), watch Glee until 09:50, do my chores (many of them), and then watch tv again and wait till my parents come home to make dinner and then I'll be forced to go cycling and for walks over the field which is something I need but hate and then stay on Skype till around half 10- 11 pm. Then I'll say now I'll go to sleep coz I need to have energy to get up the next morning but I just end up watching a movie till 3 am (which is the time I'm writing this) and then try to fall asleep but fail miserably. So my expectations for this summer were not met by reality. The reality sucks. But the positive part is that I turn 18 in 9 days and I get visitors from Italy and Germany in 8. I'll try post pictures then. I doubt I'll remember.

That was all from me and I do give my sincere apologies to whoever is reading this and was expecting something funny but ended up reading a negative, sad and quite desperate try to uphold a blog.


Bye bye and goodnight/morning  xx

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Donna :) 02.07.2014 22:47
Please try keep up the blog, I don't know about anyone else but I like reading it... So i kinda ... I don't know... Don't ever forget your wonderful personality.... :) xxx

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Anne Hansen 19, Bergen
Jaja. Dette er vel meg.

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