As I promised


I haven't written anything on my blog since July... I'm not really good at this. However i did have a rather interesting conversation with a lady(-ish) named Aoife. Se had a great point when I asked what to write about. Throughout my time in Ireland I wrote about how much i missed Norway. Now I'm back in Norway and I promise you that I miss Ireland as much as I missed Norway. I miss all the stupid things people said and I miss the basement (for people who have no idea what i mean will probably think the Irish are all a bunch of psychopaths (tbh they're not far from it(Anne get back to the sad story about how much you miss the psychopaths..))). I'm back to the story. I keep going to the pictures I had on my phone. Not always a good sight I tell you that. So I'm going post them just because I can. Actually you can sue me if I don't have your consent but lets not talk about that (Anne you just gave them a reason to steal all your money..(It really doesn't matter, I'm broke anyway (I think I have a thing for brackets(weirdest fetish ever?(OMG ANNE SHTAP!)))).

First Day of school

Second day of school

Aoife , Me and Donna

Gorgeous as always

Cathy, Me and Veronica. Me and Cathy wearing sexy hats

Donna and me everyday

Me and Mr. Roddy.... Jonathan you weirdo



Megan und Donna in music class

Owain and Pierce showing of the exclusive glasses they got for free

Muireann and me proving that people come in different shapes hahah

Ciara and Aoife who I always saw together. I rarely saw one without the other

Me and Veronica doing selfies like the bosses we are.

The last day in Cahersiveen <3

Lets not forget this awesome photo

And of course... all the selfies taken on my phone by others... Its 124 selfies in this picture... God you love yourselves hahah

I miss ye. Psychopaths.

International bitches


Hello there

From Thursday till Monday I had the honor of housing my beautiful international friends. During these days we went swimming, shopping, trip up to Flien (a mountain in Bergen) and the Aquarium. Oh , and I turned 18 so I'm officially and adult. Not sure if happy or terrified.
However, we had a family dinner and Veronica and Mattha got to meet my grandparents and aunt and uncle so now they have a good explanation for my rather special behavior. But Instead of writing all the details, Here are some shitty pictures :

Animals like me, I promise

They?re so cute

Yes we have polar bears as pets in Norway

We are beautiful

Sad coz theyre leaving

Thank you for a great 5 days <3 <3

My amazing morning soup


Hello everybody! (God I hope u got that Simpsons reference and I don't seem like a 40 year old lady trying to start a conversation with elderly people)

Anyway, back to my adequate blogpost that on average 6 people read (Hi mom!)
Every morning I eat morning soup for breakfast which honestly nothing more than smoothie in a bowl. However I have come to the decision that I will share my recipe with ye. It's pretty basic so even the stupidest can manage to comprehend this basic procedure:

Frozen strawberries
Frozen raspberries
Frozen blueberries
One banana
1 dl orange juice
1,5 dl apple juice

And blend. And you're done. See? It's that easy.
The reason I use frozen berries is because the smoothie has a consistency of porridge and that makes it so good.
Your welcome

The sky is on fire


Two nights ago in Norway, the sky turned pink and it seemed as if the sky was on fire.

Because he forced me to


Since every time I ask this bellend to help me come up with ideas to what I should write on the blog he says 'ME!', I have made the decision to do so. Maybe not the way he intended, but its still kind of a tribute to his existence. I might as well start of with this creatures name; Owain. Owain lives off of only peanuts and rabbit food, his brain is underdeveloped and may not strike you as an average 17 year old Irish lad. On the contrary he is quite spectacular. His imagination is beyond belief considering the fact that he thinks motorcross is more fun than football and that animals are friends not food. This lad never fails to amaze me for example when he actually manages to prove the fact that he's a manly man by continuing his soccer game even after he cut up most of his skin. Some call it heroism, I call it stupidity. However, he has become one of my best friends and even though I don't tell him, I don't find him stupid or idiotic all the time. Sometimes I even think He's the coolest lad out there. I figured you might want to see who he is so I figured why not photos:

It's me again...


This blog was supposed to be a source of updates from my year in Ireland. This mission failed miserably and ended in finding excuses not to write anything. But I figured I'd be better at writing now that I'm home (Although that'll never happen). It'll be just another failed task like all the other things I say I'll do.
Do you ever have these great ideas where you plan it all out and think that this will be the plan that will work out? Well, blogging is the plan for me. I think it'll work out and that I'll write every day, several times a day like I did in the beginning, but to be honest, there's nothing much to blog about.
I don't have a proper summer job, My friends have proper summer jobs so they don't have time to hang out so my summer consists mainly of getting up at half 8 , make myself morning soup (which I will write about another time), watch Glee until 09:50, do my chores (many of them), and then watch tv again and wait till my parents come home to make dinner and then I'll be forced to go cycling and for walks over the field which is something I need but hate and then stay on Skype till around half 10- 11 pm. Then I'll say now I'll go to sleep coz I need to have energy to get up the next morning but I just end up watching a movie till 3 am (which is the time I'm writing this) and then try to fall asleep but fail miserably. So my expectations for this summer were not met by reality. The reality sucks. But the positive part is that I turn 18 in 9 days and I get visitors from Italy and Germany in 8. I'll try post pictures then. I doubt I'll remember.

That was all from me and I do give my sincere apologies to whoever is reading this and was expecting something funny but ended up reading a negative, sad and quite desperate try to uphold a blog.

Bye bye and goodnight/morning xx

But first


Let me take a selfie

Honey, I'm hooome


So I'm home in Norway.. This surprised many Norwegians.. Including Min Kjre. She seemed angry. Whoops.. Oh well, I bet she missed me. I also woke up my Lil Sis. She just got confused. Well here I am. Home at last. I arrived at the airport at half eleven on the 22nd of December... Five O'clock the next morning, I was again at the airport saying 'Hi! Bye! Merry Christmas and a happy new year...' to Oscar (who decided to leave me the day after I get home and won't come home until after I left( U cunt...)) Aaanyway.. On Sunday I got to see my lovely friends together. Since I'm such a good friend ( and because they're useless without me, just ask Simon), Renate, Ane and me went to Simons house to help making the pizzas. So we took the bus to Lagunen and sat there for 40 minutes(YOLO) and waited for the other bus. After 45 minutes, a half liter of chocolate milk and an ice cream, the bus finally decided to show up. We got of the bus and started walking the hill of hell up to Simons house. Since he's the best friend ever, he was asleep when we arrived at 1... Thanks Simon. We ended up watching tv while he cleaned the house. And after arguments over what to watch, we started making the pizzas. The pizza making included selfies, way to much flour, music and dancing. I'm sorry for all the snapchats.. When the clock strike three, people started to arrive and I welcomed them with hugs and screams. Here are some photos :)



Just a little update from the Land of Leprechauns.

This is a carrot.. Or a butterfly.. Haven't quite decided yet.


My monthly update


When I left Norway I told my friends that I would write something everyday on this useless blog. Well... This useless blog has a useless owner. She never really thinks about the blog. Only when she opens a new tab on her web browser, she sees the blog and realises that she should probably update the people at home.

And 20 minutes after i finished those two lines, I decided to continue writing. I get easily distracted... And five minutes after i wrote that, I'm writing this.. Wowo.

Aaaaanyway I'm having a lot of fun here in Ireland and school is even worse than Norway. The only positive about the school is the uniforms. I dont have to plan my outfits anymore. All i have to stress with in the morning is my hair and makeup.
Last weekend we went to the cinema in Tralee and watched Bad Grandpa and it was so much fun. Me and mi likeminded sister Veronica were trowing popcorn at people and laughing loudly so I'm guessing that the people in the theatre hated us. Very understandable. But we're so funny.

The day after, we celebrated Deborah's 18th birthday with a hugecake and a lot of Doritos:)

I'm also missing home a lot... It's actually getting worse and worse. But I am lucky because I'm surrounded by awesome people here and a great family.

Since no one likes to read a lot, heres some pictures:


Today (og pappaen min)


So even though I'm not very interesting and not a very creative writer, I will however try to make this post trick you into thinking that you liked it. If that didnt make sense, too bad.

The final of Talent of Iveragh was yesterday and I never been so scared. Usually when I sing in front of an audience I stand among 20 other people. So when I was standing there on a stage in a country where they call potatoes 'spuds', I was really nervous. And even though I was so certain that I would be abducted by aliens or fall of stage and break my ass, I actually survived. Very proud indeed.
I didn't win, but I guess I expected that and the winner really deserved it so congrats to you!

Right now I'm sitting in the sitting room watching Veronica doing her homework while I watch Taylor Swift on MTV. I know, my life is full of exitement and meaning. Today, for example, I've made breakfast and drank about 3 cups of tea. And watched tv. #lifeindromid

I dag var det farsdag hjemme i Bergen s en veldig vanskelig dag vre borte p. Savner pappaen min uendelig mye. Savner tomatbnner og makaronigryte og hvis jeg har en ekstremt drlig dag s lager vi vafler. Verdens beste vafler faktisk. Kunne nske jeg kunne gitt ham en stor farsdagsklem og fortalt ham hvor glad jeg er i ham. Alt han fikk var en sms fordi telefonen min ikke ringe ham.


Talent of Iveragh


So this Saturday I decided to embarras myself in front of a lot of people. I brought my guitar and sang my song. That was ofcourse after I had freaked out for about two hours... 'Here it is:

I got to the final singing this.. Tadaaaa

Boy, that escalated quickly


I just noticed that people actually visit this blog..

If you don't belive my half Norwegian/quarter Italian and Irish ass, here's evidence:

no one cares, no one cares and then BOOOOOM! Sudden interest...

No matter how much I love having a one way convesation with you, I will now finish this patethic attemp on a magnificent blog.

Ireland in a nutshell (pictures)


An old graveyard

Aoife and Jonathan!

View from outside our house

Me and Deborah


Dinner on the bed :O

In the morning on a toilet.... I'm sexy and I know it

Jonathan during Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Mattha, Pierce, Jonathan and Aoife

Cute cows

Scary sign...

My style when I get home and get out of my uniform

The bed, the scarf and the tissues


Even though the heading sounds like the beginning of a sad and lonely porn scene, it is not at all a porn scene. However this text is a bit sad and lonely since I have had the great opportunity to experience extreme homesickness. Since stupid o'clock in the morning today, I felt like shit. I couldn't breath through my nose, my head felt like exploding and everything was just awful. No matter how strange it must be for those in Norway who knows me as a school hater, school actually helps my mood. Because if you open the doors of the school Colaiste Na Sceilge (don't worry, no one else can pronounce it so if you're sitting with your computer on your lap and sound like an idiot trying to pronounce it, you will never, ever, ever be able to do it(pep talk of the day)) and walk down the stairs and enter the basement, you will find some creepy, disturbing but yet lovely people(things). One example can be the girl with dark brown hair with super bleached ends with the wiggely arms. Her name is Aoife(for the Norwegians: this name is pronounce Ifa. Fuck logic(and everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY, has this name)) and her milkshake has an attracting power that brings all the male species to her garden. Example number two is an 18 year old boy who,when he shaves his face, looks like a baby. Even though he is a head taller than me, he is still a little boy in his head. But oh how glad I am that he's in the school. With his humor and his food, he is a great contribution to the basement. Oh, and his name is Jonathan. So people on Facebook may know him as the annoying boy who gives everybody who comments on my photos notifications.
Anyway, back to the sad part. When I got home, my body decided to say 'fuck you Anne! I quit!' So know I'm sitting in bed, being cold, blowing my nose every 20 second and should really just get of the blog and try to learn a German role play.
Since I'm feeling sick, I think about the people at home. I think about how much I miss Norwegian waffles, my parents and my friends. I miss Lnningen in the summer, fugledissen in the spring, snow in he winter and collecting nuts in the autumn. So I should really get my act together and stop thinking about it because all that happens if I think to much about it, I just get too sad.

Savner dere kjempemasse! <3

An open guitar case and an Italian who likes laying on the floor


Basically the title describes what my life is containing at this very moment. I'm sitting on my bed listening to Taylor Swift songs while my Italian sister-for-the-year just crawled up on her bed. So the title isn't accurate after all. Oops. Now I'm listening to a One Direction song. Yeah! So tell me girl if every time we tuch you get this kinda rush?

Nevermind my incredible awkwardness. Here in Ireland the schools are unbelieveably stricht. My uniform lookes like this..

Yeah. And I'm doing chemistry btw... WHYYY??

So hows Norway...?

Adventure in Ireland - part 1




Jeg har bada!! Og er glamors p hret.

Siktesya, here we go


Hvert r i uke 31 drar familien p hyttetur. Men ikke hvilken som helst hytte. nei. Vi snakker det fineste feriestedet du kan finne. Steste rde hytten i Norges land. Denne hytten ligger p en y kalt siktesya. Siktesya ligger 15 min med ferge fra Brevik i Telemark. Det er ingen bilveier der og heller ingen fastboende p hele ya. Ultimate daffestedet. For komme oss hit s kjrer vi bil. Og med meg bak rattet dro vi fra liland klokken 09:02 lrdag morgen og begynte vr reise til Skien hvor vi skulle overnatte hos fetteren til mormor.
Mamma og jeg byttet p kjre og nr mamma kjrte, tok jeg bilder. Her er resultatet:

Dette er kjresten min....


Han bare vet det ikke enda...

Han tok bilde av meg og la det ut p instagram.

Hils p Peder: (Lidolido)

Anne leker superstjerne


Jaja snn gr no dagan..

Hyttetur- Del 1


Denne helgen har jeg vrt p hyttetur/telttur med fantastiske mennesker. Vi ankom hytten til Simon som ligger forbi hakkebakkeskogen, igjennom hundremetersskogen og over en litt stor dam/fjord som vi kom over ved hjelp av en magisk joggesko(ferge), i femtiden p fredag. Der ankom vi med stil i en glamors bl 9-seter med 6 irriterende tenringer og en lettere irritert moder. Nr vi hadde lempet fra oss begynte vi med teltoppsettingen. 'Vi' bestod av to som trodde de visste hva de gjorde, to som surret rundt og hpte p at de hjalp til, en som kjeftet og sa at det frstnevnte gjorde var feil og en som sto til pynt ved siden av og tok bilder. Fine flokken. Etter en time var timannsteltet satt opp og tre stykker lot innredningen begynte mens de tre resterende lagde taco. Etter vi hadde spist bestemte vi oss for utforske stranden som var i nrheten. Det er det fineste norske strandstedet jeg har sett! Det var kjempe grunt og vi gikk halvveis ut i fjorden for lete etter strandkrabber og sjstjerner. Til slutt fant tre andre og jeg ut at vi kunne likegodt bade nr vi frst var her. Uten badety. Eller hndkle. Eller hjernekapasitet til skjnne at vi var gal. S vi hoppet i det og la p svm alle fire. Gy.

Her er noen bilder fra fredagen:

Gode nyheter fra min side..


Etter mye om og men har vi klart f sendt sknad til EF sitt kontor i storbritannia og den er godkjent. Dette vil da si at istedenfor reise til USA s skal jeg p utveksling i Storbritannia. Aner ikke hvor s ikke spr. Det fr dere vite nr jeg fr vite det. Jeg er veldig lettet over at jeg kan reise ut p et slikt eventyr selvom det kanskje ikke ble helt som jeg hadde planlagt.

S da hper jeg at jeg fr en flott vertsfamilie^^

kyss og klem og snt

Noe uinteressant



Som alle mine nrmeste vet er jeg en jente med f ord si. Denne gangen har jeg et unntak.

Jeg ligger i sengen nr jeg skriver dette og bare p forhnd, dette innlegget blir skrevet og er inspirert av ren kjedsomhet. Jeg skal opp kvart p syv i morgen tidlig. Det er ikke s tidlig hvis en skal p skolen. Men jeg skal ikke p skolen. Jeg m st opp s tidlig fordi jeg skal lese av tuberkulin prven min i morgen klokken 08:20. Og jeg bruker en time til legen. Fml.

S jeg burde legge meg. Men jeg fr ikke sove. Hodet mitt er overfylt med tanker om altfor mye dumt. Her er en liste over hva jeg tenker p i dette sekund:
Jeg m miste de kiloene jeg har lagt p meg. Selvom jeg har selvironi gr grensen et sted.
Husvasken i morgen m vre ferdig klokken to.
Tenk hvis skapmonsteret spiser meg n.
Lurer p hva som skjer hvis jeg poker meg p yet med en nl.
Jeg vil bli lege med det er s vanskelig!

S dette er min tankeliste atm. Hper dere likte den/ikke brydde dere/ ble sultne/fikk lyst til ta dere en joggetur.


Nyheter fra min side...


Jada. Jeg lever. Svidt. Tror jeg har nevnt det fr, men jeg skal til USA til neste r p utveksling. Skulle. Etter uker med forskjellige brev og sknader fikk jeg beskjeden om at sknaden min som ble godkjent for noen mneder siden, har blitt avsltt. Alt dette p grunn av en undvendig diagnose som jeg kunne nske jeg ikke fikk. N hrtes det ut som om jeg har ftt en ddelig sykdom. Det har jeg ikke. Neida. Denne jenta her har ftt diagnosen Hypotyreose. Hypotyreose er et alftor avansert og vanskelig formulering av lavt stoffskifte. Lavt stoffskifte er faktisk forklaringen p min late og slappe holdning. Noe som gjr at klassen min kjenner meg ikke som den jeg er. Jeg liker sport. Jeg har alltid likt trene. Men det siste ret har jeg svidt orket komme meg opp av sengen om morningen, sovet i timene, sovet nr jeg kom hjem og en drlig holdning til alt. Dette har egentlig gtt mye utover mine karakterer. Fra ungdomsskolen til videregende har jeg gtt fra 4.6 i snitt til 3.1. Fantastisk. Jeg fortjener stende applaus og litt til.

Poenget med dette innlegget er fortelle mine venner og bekjente om at de m holde ut med meg ett r til.

Og her er noen gamle bilder jeg fant p kameraet mitt.

Ja jeg er deilig.

Ja jeg var gangster.

Kyss og klem..

Cupcakes cupcakes and more cupcakes


Min gode kjre venninne Synne, er veldig flink til lage cupcakes! Hun lager og leverer til andre som vil/trenger til selskaper. Hvis du skal ha en bursdag, og trenger cupcakes s kan du kontakte henne.
Hun er en fantastisk baker og de smaker himmelsk og ser fantastiske ut.


10 kroner per stk(10-30 cupcakes)
8 kroner per stk (over 30 cupcakes)

Kontakt :

Det er ikke s dyrt som det virker grunnet innkjp av ingredienser og slikt.

Spre budskapet mine ste!

Kyss og klem og snt... <3

Outfit of the day


Dagens oufit er en acnekjole til 4500kr og den er svrt populr blandt stjernene i Hollywood. Men det kan vel ikke dere fattigluser kjenne dere igjen i.

Dette er en T-skjorte fra H&M fra 2009 i strrelse 42. Bukser er overvurdert.

Sol og sommer i Bergen


Siden vrgudene flte for vre spontane og steke Bergen ihjel i helgen, fant mine venner og jeg ut at vi kunne utnytte det til det ytterste. Hva er vel en bedre mte nyte fint vr p enn f innvollene slengt rundt og bli sluppet ned fra et 10 meters hyt trn. Ja, dere tenker rett. Tivoliiiiiiiiii!!!
Mai mned er helvetesmneden for eksamensutsatte elever p videregende. Men siden jeg har gullhr i rven( det betyr vre veldig heldig(don't get your hopes up, jeg kan ikke gjre deg rik)) og ikke kom opp i eksamen, kunne vi jo like gjerne feire sommerdageene med mine medmennesker som heller ikke kom opp i eksamen (bortsett fra deg da Ane som kom opp i matte(nsker deg masse lykke til p fredag)). Mange paranteser der ja. Sorry.

Senere p dagen dro vi til grneviken for se p Leksi bade i sjen. I lift my hat for you.
Matmonstrene Kakis og Annzi fant ut at det bestille pizza var en god id. S etter en halv time fikk vi en tiddelibom og en bankers fra Dolly levert til oss av en litt vel utlmodig pizzabud.

Mandagen dro vi ut igjen i Grneviken og grillet. Men s begynte det regne(og Petter ned han datt( det er sent og den melodien kom automatisk inn i hodet mitt nr jeg skrev den setningen)) og vi satt oss inn i bilen til Eirik. Jeg satt p taket vel og merke, mest fordi jeg er litt special case.. Men Eirik kjrte rundt med meg p taket og jeg lo s jeg nesten falt ned.

Anyway s har jeg vrt flink og tatt noen bilder. So here we go:

Such fun


What a lovely day I had today.

Mens jeg n sitter her klokken midnatt p en torsdagskveld/fredagsnatt og ser p House i mrket, fant den irrasjonelle delen av min kropps kontrollsenter ut at et blogginnlegg hadde passet fint skrive akkurat n. Men siden blogginnlegg krever kreativ ordlegging er nok ikke det frste som br st p to do-listen min. S da ender jeg opp med et rosabllogginnlegg med bilder fra dagen min i dag med flotte medmennesker. Here you go!


Meg og eldste Flesfjesen

Flinke meg steker kjttdeig!

Murtin <3

Kyss og klem og snt.

Bilder fra iPhonen


Anne Hansen 19, Bergen
Jaja. Dette er vel meg.

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